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Hello, My name is Blair Wightman and I am a freelance designer from Stirling, Scotland.



1st April 2013

Working along with the guys at Whitespacres, we redesigned the website for Scottish accountancy firm, Scott-Moncrieff.

My role in one of the largest projects I have worked thus far was to create a huge collection of isometric icons and images.

The client deals with a large amount of clients from many sectors of industry and through the use of icons and illustrations I provided visuals for each of there key sectors they deal with.


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26th March 2013

This friendly bunch are part of a series of characters I designed for a local freelance Web designer, Dot Monster.

I was approached to help revamp the original character design and create some friends for him. The "dot monsters" are scattered throughout the website and used across a broad range of printed materials.


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Dugs Welcome

7th January 2013

Dug, a mans best pal. Ye cannae lea them ootwith whilst yer havin' a schwally! - (I'll stop the Scots now)

Sticker I designed for Scottish Non-profit company, Dugs n' Pubs. On there website they list many Pubs and other establishments that allow dogs inside. In addition to the website these stickers were distributed and stuck on the shop fronts in business all over Edinburgh and other parts of Scotland.


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Illustration, DesignIllustration, DesignIllustration, Design

Self Promotion - Robot Poster

23rd January 2012

After working at two different design agencies over the course of two years I found myself in a position where I could leave the office behind and have a go at starting up a freelance business at home.

As part of my efforts to promote my services locally I decided upon designing a promotional poster to attract the attention of potential clients. The aim was to create a unique and eye catching design that would appeal primarily to the kind of clients I would like to work with. Within the illustration there are references to the different kind of services I can provide them.

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Branding, DesignBranding, Design

Logos 2011

14th January 2012

Some examples of a few logos I created towards the end of 2011 for two of my clients.

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Web DesignWeb DesignWeb Design

Create a Menu - Bacardi

8th January 2012

During my time at a design agency I worked on a few projects for Bacardi including the redesign for there Create a Menu platform. The Create a Menu (CAM) website is a tool that allows bar owners to create custom made drinks menus to be used in the bars.

I was asked to help redesign the sites appearance and help improve its functionality and user experience.

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Bacardi Bar Runner

8th January 2012

This is a project I completed during the time I worked at a small design agency who did regular work for Bacardi. The project was originally intended to be used by a chain of bars and pubs across the UK. The Brief was to design a Bacardi branded Bar Runner to use in their bars and Pubs which advertised the four core Bacardi serves they sold. After the project was completed Bacardi requested further Bar Runners to be printed. These extra units were used in bars and pubs across the country.

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Illustration, Design

Yetis Love Milkshake

20th December 2011

This illustration has went through an interesting journey. Originally the concept for this illustration was a young boy who had drank so much milkshake that the milkshake had started to burst out of his stomach. Though after many alterations the illustration just wasn't working for me.

So I initially decided to put it aside and come back to it later. When I did, I removed the original subject and replaced the young boy with a Yeti character that I had been working on, which I felt created a much more interesting image without diluting the original concept.

I plan on running a limited number of screen printed t shirts and posters along with some of my other illustrations I have been working on under the name "Cotton Squid".

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2nd December 2011

Calamari is something I always get excited about when going out for dinner and I had this strange image pop in my mind when I was out for dinner one night having ordered some Calamari. I found the idea that the squid was preparing itself quite amusing which led onto me creating this image below. I found the contrast of the slightly sickening subject matter and the cute and friendly nature of the squid to be quite a compelling characteristic. I intend to run of a limited number of screen printed posters and t shirts of this illustration under the name "Cotton Squid"

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Elisabeth May

26th October 2011

The logo and emblem design I created for a new woman's shoe boutique in St.Andrews called Elisabeth May.

I was asked to come up with a new logo for the start up company, the logo was to be purely text based, clean and elegant. Also along with the logo, an emblem was also to be designed that stems from the logo.

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Blair Wightman

A little about myself

Hello, My name is Blair Wightman and I am a freelance designer from Stirling, Scotland.

And I love designing and building things for print, the web and everything in between. And this is what I spend most of my time doing, and thinking about doing.

I studied design and visual communication for two years and have been working in the industry for a further two years. As I designer my main goal is to access the needs of my clients and provide them with simple, effective and unique solutions.

    Services I Offer

  • - Graphic design for print and digital formats
  • - Branding
  • - Digital illustration
  • - Web design and development
  • - Packaging design
  • - Animation

Hire Me

I am currently available for freelance work. If you would like a quote or to just discuss any upcoming projects or ideas please feel free to contact me with any questions you have.

You can contact me directly on the phone from Monday to Friday 9:00 - 5:00 or you can drop me an email anytime.